Voluntary work

"By engaging in selfless service the mind gets purified.
Don't waste a single chance to serve others.
Such opportunities might not always come"
- Amma

Selfless service opportunities:

If you are interested to help during Amma's 2015 programme, kindly contact seva@null.amma.fi


Most of the costs of Amma's programme are covered by donations. If you would like to support Amma's programme in Finland kindly address your charitable donation to (*)

Nordea 157230 - 344663

IBAN: FI74 1572 3000 3446 63


Reference number: 1012

(*) Police Board has on July 4th 2014 granted the Amma Centre Finland a licence (nro POL-2016-2730) to raise funds for Amma’s charitable projects and for Amma’s program in Finland. The licence is valid from July 1th 2016 until December 31th, 2018. The licence is valid in the whole country except Aland Islands and all the donated funds will be used within the donation year or the following calendar year.



Bhagavati Seva Puja took place in Helsinki  4th of August 2018. The Puja was conducted by pujarini Amritapriya. Read more.