Voluntary work

"By engaging in selfless service the mind gets purified.
Don't waste a single chance to serve others.
Such opportunities might not always come"
- Amma

Selfless service opportunities:

If you are interested to help during Amma's 2015 programme, kindly contact seva@null.amma.fi


Most of the costs of Amma's programme are covered by donations. If you would like to support Amma's programme in Finland kindly address your charitable donation to (*)

Nordea 157230 - 344663

IBAN: FI74 1572 3000 3446 63


Reference number: 1012

(*) Police Board has on July 4th 2014 granted the Amma Centre Finland a licence (nro POL-2014-3589) to raise funds for Amma’s charitable projects and for Amma’s program in Finland. The licence is valid from July 4th 2014 until June 30th, 2016 . The licence is valid in the whole country except Aland Islands and all the donated funds will be used within the donation year or the following calendar year.